Welcome to Ishinryu Karate New Zealand!

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Ishinryu Karate is based in Lower Hutt and offers classes for the whole family!

At Ishinryu Karate, you are never too old to start your Karate Journey,
we offer beginner classes for both adults and kids aged 5+. 

Goal setting and attainment is a major part of the physical and mental learning process of Ishinryu Karate.
As students progress and improve, their self esteem strengthens, providing the ability to interact with confidence in many different situations. Everyday students are encouraged to utilize the values of respect, courtesy, self discipline, commitment positively and responsibly, in return earning the respect of those they interact with. These values become strengths and assets within a balanced focused character.

Ishinryu offers structured classes such as beginners, intermediate and advanced,
and the grading system allows you to progress at your own rate.


With the first three lessons free, there is nothing to lose!!!