Sensei Phil Laing 7th Dan founder of Ishinryu Karate in New Zealand.

Sensei Phil Laing 7th Dan, achieved many victories in New Zealand in the mid 80’s, representing New Zealand at world level from 1986-1994.

In 1987 Sensei Phil left New Zealand for the United Kingdom when British Karate was at its strongest, to train with Ishinryu, the strongest club in the UK since the mid 70’s.

Whilst training with Ishinryu Sensei Phil became the Ishinryu Senior Club Kata Champion in 1991 and fought in the Club’s A Squad.

After 9 years of achieving victories in the UK, Sensei Phil returned to New Zealand. Upon his return, Sensei Phil joined the National Coaching team with Karate New Zealand.

In 1998 Sensei Phil Laing founded Ishinryu Karate in New Zealand

Ishinryu NZ Founder Sensei Phil Laing 7th Dan