"Our boy, Jack, is 6 and has been doing Ishinryu karate for almost a year now. Will I think most of the parents miss the hilarity of the early classes when all the kids were going in different directions it's great to see how far they have come. Jack is very proud of passing his first belt and his certificate has pride of place in his room. I would recommend Ishinryu karate for anyone with young children because Phil takes them seriously. He is really committed to ensuring the young ones are learning and developing rather than just filling time. He is also realistic in his expectations and has a real warmth with the kids which is great."
Eileen McNaughton, Lower Hutt


"Our association with Ishinryu Karate NZ came about from attending some free karate sessions over the school holidays. Since then our two girls (sarah & sasha) have been learning karate whilst having fun doing it. Both girls have achieved their first grading belt and are heading towards their second grading belt which is so exciting and rewarding for the girls. Plus Sarah achieved the trophy for junior of the month, and both girls have said, especially Sasha they to want win the trophy. I've noticed karate is a growing sport in NZ and there are a number of dojos around. We would recommend anyone looking to take up Karate. Ishinryu Karate NZ based in Lower Hutt is fantastic or rocks as our girls would say. :-) "
Tania Cooper, Lower Hutt


"My children have been training Ishinryu Karate almost a year.
They love general training and play games with their friends at their fabulous dojo.
They are developing physical and mental strength through the training and looking forward to master more skills in the future."

Yuko, Elias and Sayuka McBride