What happens in a class?

No two classes are exactly the same! With an abundance of techniques to learn, no classes will be identical. 
We have classes designed just for kids, just for adults/teens, and classes that cater for our many parent/child students who want to train in the same session.
 Students will train on safety mats and make use of training aids such as kick bags, focus mits, blocking sticks and plyometric aids.

Class structure

  • All classes start with a general warm up as one large group.
  • Start the class with formal bow
  • Basic techniques as a technical warm up
  • During classes students learn karate techniques (stances, punches, blocks, kicks), kata (pre-arranged sequences), kumite (fighting skills) and self defence applications.
  • During classes are often then split into smaller groups based on age and/or grade and training becomes more specific.
  • End the class with formal bow


Too Young? Too Old?

A common question we are often asked is "how old should children be before they start karate?". And a similar one of course is "am I too old?".

We have students from age 5 to 50+. The simple answer is that it isn't the age of a person that determines their suitability for Karate, but rather their desire, determination, motivation and focus.

All students progress at their own rate. Although you will find yourself standing amongst many others, you train at your pace and to your abilities. All students progress at different rates. Karate has the great benefit of the team sport atmosphere without the pressure of needing to perform at a similar level to everyone else.

Our kids are all attending school. Our syllabus caters for our primary school aged children by allowing them to take "half" grades. This makes each big jump to a new belt more manageable and they get the great sense of achievement when they attain a new belt.

Our adults all share a common feature - a desire to learn a practical new skill whilst gaining in fitness and confidence. We often hear "I've always wanted to do this" when an adult joins our club. Many join after watching their kids for many months and see the benefits that they would gain for themselves.

What should I wear when I start?

Loose clothing - Tracksuit pants, tshirt, sweat shirt etc.

Karate Gi available for purchase via the online shop


Can I watch my child while they attend class?

Yes, you can! However spaces are limited and we ask you observe dojo etiquette 


How much does it cost?

The first 3 sessions are free, after that it is $175 per term.